Press Release
Club Q Announces Future Plans to Reopen Venue as "The Q" in a New Location


Tribute Plans Unveiled

With the support of the families, the permanent tribute will include:

  • Five 12-foot pillars, to represent each of the five victims. A pillar will be designed for each victim, with their name engraved.

  • A 40-foot flag pole, featuring the Progress Pride Flag, with a spotlight that

    shines up into the sky – ensuring the tribute is visible both day and night.

  • Seventeen boulders will be placed, to represent each person that was injured by gunfire.

  • Thousands of colorful mosaics, represent the tens of thousands of people who have been impacted by the horrific events that occurred on November 19th, 2022.

  • Bench seating inside the tribute for quiet reflection, grieving, remembering and recognition.

  • A security wall is to be built around the tribute, and in front of the Club, to provide protection and privacy while visiting the tribute area.

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