The Music

DJ Kyree Myst



Every weekend, Club Q features award winning DJ Kyree Myst!Voted among the BEST Club DJ’s in the city by the Colorado Springs Independent for Two Years in a Row, DJ Kyree Myst presents a truly diverse variety of music, including Top-40, Hip-Hop, Electro-House, Latin Hits and more!Visit DJ Kyree’s Website

1009928_407863839327566_489243705_nDJ MattastiQ

Over the years, with the explosion of EDM crossing over to mainstream pop, DJ MattastiQ has been mixing his audible perspective for your listening enjoyment.



DJ Infern-O

DJ Infern-o has been in the entertainment business since he was very young. Having approximately 25+ years under his belt in the music and theatrical industry, DJ Infern-o knows the music scene like the back of his hand. Currently you can find him as a guest DJ at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he mixes top 40, dance, club mixes, and hip hop for an eclectic audience.